Astron 2.00 release

In 2015 “an anonymous benevolent user” of the original Navigation Spreadsheets combined several of them into a single unit named Astron to provide a much more user friendly interface and functionality.

In 2018 version 2.00 has been rewritten as a web page and can be run online on recent versions of popular browsers and, for seafarers, can also be run offline with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

This first release is Beta version. Coding in Javascript has enabled some improvements and additions. There is now a sky map addition to the Planner section, a sight log, a sight plotter, and an extended lunar section. For those not wishing to change from the former spreadsheet version, Astron version 1.15 is the latest version which remains supported but future developments are only intended for version 2.

Both versions, and the extensive user notes can be accessed from